About me

I'm Richard, a 31 year-old from Hertfordshire.  Most of my working time is spent in London.  Most of my spare time is spent just hanging out with my friends.  However, when they get bored of me I get around to watching DVDs, listening to music or perhaps even going out with my camera to take a few pictures.

About my photography

I think I got my first camera as a Christmas or Birthday present when I was a wee young thing; certainly before the age of 10.  Several cameras later I was still just a happy snapper.  Then, a couple of years ago, I discovered digital photography.  Previously I was put off by the cost and the delay to see my efforts; now I can snap away to my heart's content and see the results instantly.

I tend to prefer landscapes and the like as subjects.  However, I am trying to broaden out my range to include still life and nature photography.  Portraits aren't really a strong suit of mine.

About the places I photograph

I tend to take a lot of my photos around about Hertfordshire (particularly St Albans, where I live), London (where I work) and Chichester (where my parents live).

About my camera and the rest of my kit

Details of how I take, store, process and print my photos can be found here.

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