Old camera


Old camera

My first digital camera was a great introduction and gave me the confidence to think I could actually take some pictures.   However, eventually I got frustrated with the way the add-on lenses obscured the viewfinder and bought a new camera.

Kodak DX-3900 Zoom
  • 3.1 megapixel resolution (2160x1440 pixels) - enough to print 14"x11" pictures without blurring
  • 6x zoom (3x digital, 2x optical) - not ideal, but I wanted at least some optical zoom.  And if I want more, there's always lenses (I can also screw filters on to the same fitting...)
  • Expandable memory cards
  • Moderate degree of manual adjustment to exposure settings etc.
  • Still affordable!


Kodak make a lens kit which fits the DX 3900 Zoom (as long as you remember to buy the 32mm-37mm step-up ring!).
  • 2x telephoto lens (with full optical zoom that gives you 4x, with optical and digital zoom 12x)
  • 0.5x super wide-angle lens
  • +7D and +10D close-up lenses

The only issue I've had is with the step-up ring.  As it's metal, and the body of the camera is plastic it is very difficult to screw in without damaging the thread.  However now I've got it on I'm leaving it there...


Eagle-eye were one of only two places that I could find in the UK to sell 37mm filters.  Kodak used to sell a set, but seem to have stopped for some reason.

Memory cards

At the time, Crucial UK did a very cheap range of cards.  They're still not bad.


Eagle-eye sold me a very cheap mini-pod, and I got an Antler camera bag Dixons to stick the whole shooting-match in.  In the meantime I've got a rather odd-shaped Tiffen bag that came with the lens kit - was cheaper to get the lenses with the bag than without.

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